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Seeing is Believing: Before & After Apogee

Most IT closets look like spaghetti. Some refer to it as “a bird’s nest”. It might be okay as long as NOBODY...TOUCHES…ANYTHING!!

Apogee IT Services is a premier managed IT services provider in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto. We earned that reputation through a commitment to discipline, consistency and repeatability in everything we do. Our philosophy is that you don’t have to worry about big things going wrong if you simply take care of all the little things (only it isn’t so simple).

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The First Signs of Success: Organized Information Systems

Our fanatical discipline is more than just a sales pitch…it's the very fiber of our company culture. Nothing illustrates this more than the results of a new customer onboarding project.

Over the course of the next few days, you begin to see a critical component of your IT strategy take shape as we transform the bird’s nest into a carefully constructed, meticulously documented, orderly system.  And then we keep it that way. Take a look...


Clients in the US & Canada

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