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A Help Desk Team That is There For You

Posted on June 23, 2022

Your business revolves around the technology you use, and when something goes wrong, it can derail an entire project. Your employees are frustrated and searching for answers as precious time is being wasted.

With Apogee IT Services and our experienced Help Desk techs in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto, you can avoid this disaster.

Whether something’s gone horribly wrong with an employee’s PC or you need a quick fix for a minor glitch, our focus is getting you on the phone with a real person as soon as possible. We use phone and email communication, depending on our customer’s preference, to resolve any problems that arise.

What you can expect:

  • Only Apogee staff helping your users
  • Proactive support to resolve network issues before they ever become a problem
  • Multi-tier support to fix your employees’  end-user issues
  • Help Desk support available for extended business hours for all users, no limits on tickets
  • Help Desk & NOC services included in all managed services solutions with Apogee

Here are just a few common tickets we receive every day:

  • Employee adds, removes, & changes
  • Password resets & changes
  • Issues accessing email/email issues
  • Setting up a phone w/email access
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Application or PC running slowly
  • Can’t access network drives
  • Lost documents
  • Virus issues
  • General user education & issue resolution

Most importantly, our Help Desk is fully staffed with talented technicians with the technical and procedural training required to resolve your issue. We're available from 6am-7pm, and there is always a qualified person available to take your call 24/7.

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