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An internship at Apogee IT Services

Posted on July 11, 2019
An Apogee Internship-1

As I neared the end of my Junior year of college, it hit me. Not only would I be graduating in the next year, but I would be entering the real world of business. With college grads having an increasingly difficult time finding and retaining decent jobs, and seeing my friends and family who have recently graduated struggle with this, I became very nervous.

I knew from very early on in my college career that internships would be a vital part of gaining the experience and knowledge needed to succeed in the business and post-grad world.  While many of these experiences and learning opportunities are planned, most of them are not - allowing growth in unexpected ways and in unexpected areas. After completing two internships over the course of my Sophomore and Junior years, I knew I needed one last internship to round out my experience before graduation. I knew:

"This internship would need to be hands-on and push me out of my comfort zone."

Fast-forward to my first day at Apogee. I had accepted a Business Development internship with Apogee IT Services, focused on Marketing and Sales. As I walked toward the office, my heart was racing. Questions of what my internship would entail, if I would enjoy it, and the office dynamic raced through my mind. I met with Jim Palya, the Head of Sales, and he toured me around the office, introducing me to each person along the way. To my delight, everyone was very welcoming, friendly, and positive. At the end of my first day,

"I was relieved and excited for what the rest of my internship would entail."

As I write this blog, I have been at Apogee for about a month. Reflecting back, I have already learned so much in the short amount of time I have been here. Not only have I learned new marketing & sales software and strategies, but I have learned about the IT industry, an industry that I never thought I would understand. The most beneficial aspect of my internship, and one I had never considered, is that Apogee’s business structure is Business-to-Business. With most of my marketing background and education being based on Business-to-Consumer, this was a big change, but added experience that I can take with me.


Thank you to everyone at Apogee for being so kind and welcoming!


Thank you for sharing your story, Nick! We are so lucky to have you interning at #TeamApogee this summer!

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