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An Internship at Apogee IT Services

Posted on October 27, 2020
An Apogee Internship-2

The process of finding an internship for an aspiring professional juggling work, school, and life is already tough. Competition is high, and organizations only have so many spots to fill leading to a long up-hill climb. Only to make matters more complicated, enter a world-wide pandemic that led to a nationwide shut down of businesses. Seemingly every internship program I had applied to was canceled and I was left with no opportunity for work.

However, all of that changed when I came across Apogee IT Services. Through all the mayhem caused by the cancellation of programs, Apogee was one organization that was looking to give back and give young professionals the chance to get their foot into the door of a growing industry. Apogee gave me an opportunity, and that was all I could ask for given the circumstances. Apogee has an excellent internship program, consistently putting their young talent in a position of success through thoughtful leadership. Their organizational value of giving the “ultimate client experience” is echoed throughout the organization, and the tools needed to meet that goal are administered in a manner that is meant to teach. Their program is about educating and providing interns with the knowledge they need to succeed in a corporate environment. What makes this knowledge more valuable is that it can be used across many industries, not just IT.

If you are an ambitious young-professional looking for an opportunity in a prosperous business, look no further than Apogee IT Services.

Here are 3 things to take away from this post:

  1. Apogee is looking to expand its internship program.

  2. Apogee provides the skills you need to be successful.

  3. This is a great opportunity to get your career started.

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