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Creating an Internship Experience

Posted on August 26, 2022
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At Apogee IT Services, we recognize that tomorrow's leaders are today's students and graduates. We understand the importance of internship opportunities and want to continue to provide emerging young professionals with the exposure and experiences needed to begin considering professional career paths after graduation. 

Meet Taylor Kennedy, soon to be a junior at Centre College in Kentucky where she is studying Computer Science with a Political Science Minor. 

I had the pleasure interviewing Taylor the other day on her internship experience at Apogee IT Services. 

What did your internship role at Apogee consist of? 

"I started my internship with Apogee at the end of May and just recently completed my position this August. My role consisted of being a part of the on-call service desk. My responsibility was to provide quality customer service to each user that calls in. I have taken on the tasks of resetting passwords for accounts and emails, fixing/adding printers and scanners on a device, creating new hire accounts, and so much more!"

What has been your biggest accomplishment? 
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What type of experience did you gain from your internship with Apogee that will help you to grow in your future?

"Apogee was the first job I had within my career. I was so excited to begin working towards my degree, especially in IT. At Apogee, I got the opportunity to learn about IT and take on challenging tasks which is something I do not have the opportunity to do at school. This was a fresh start to something I hope to continue in the future. At Apogee I learned to use grit each time a customer would call in. A customer is calling because they have a problem, but it's my job to reassure the customer that we will provide them with quality service."

Would you recommend Apogee's internship opportunities to a friend? 
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What is your goal after graduation? 

"Since I will be graduating with a Computer Science degree, I hope to continue to grow through all of the different types of experiences. Since there is such a variety of jobs in this field, I hope to have the one that I most enjoy along with what I am best at whether it is continuing in IT or exploring programming and software designer programs."

Taylor was an important asset to our team. Thank you, Taylor, for taking the time out of your day to share your story with us. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

If you are searching for an internship that will give you the opportunity to learn and grow, check out our website to learn more about the internships we offer. 

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