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An Internship At Apogee IT Services

Posted on November 21, 2019
An Apogee Internship (2)
It is surreal to me that I am months away from graduating college. Where has the time gone? Throughout my four years of college, my advisors as well as my professors advised us to receive as much experience and knowledge in our field as possible before graduating.

I knew going into college that internships would be vital in allowing me to gain experience, expand my ability to complete different tasks, and a key component in building a successful future for myself. Searching for an internship was challenging and exciting at the same time because I was finally looking for a job that I consider fun and interesting. My four years of education was finally going to pay off. The sleepless nights and late night coffee runs would now all be worth it. After weeks of exploring for the perfect internship, I stubbled upon Apogee. One of the many things about Apogee that caught my eye was their core values. Apogee employees are committed to their company, their team and their clients. Every employee knows their core values and embraces each and every one of them.

“Our clients give us purpose. They trust we will be there when they need us, and we will do whatever it takes to exceed their expectations.” -Apogee IT Services

Here I am, writing this blog on my first day as Apogee’s Marketing Intern. I am excited to be a part of this amazing company that consists of a very positive group of people and to learn more about the marketing side of the corporate world. I know this internship will help me to master the skills that will allow me to succeed as a marketing professional.

Thank you, Apogee, for welcoming me into your family!



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