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Posted on August 11, 2020

Apogee IT Services acknowledges its placement as one of the Largest Pittsburgh-area Cybersecurity Firms. Apogee has been deeply invested in expanding its security portfolio to address the onslaught of Cybersecurity threats to businesses in North America. Paul Cronin, CEO of Apogee said, “we are honored to be recognized for our achievement in the Cybersecurity industry which is made possible from our hard work internally and our partnerships with industry leaders Fortinet and eSentire.” Through our extensive portfolio of security offerings, we can address all seven layers of security and provide 7x24x365 management, detection, and response (MDR) to address security threats in seconds preventing extensive damage to client’s networks. Cronin said, “today it is more than just about keeping hackers out of the network because that is almost impossible with the amount of attacks and users’ behaviors. There needs to be focus on a security solution that immediately mitigates the impact when they get in to prevent widespread effects to the business and inevitably prevents a business’s data from being held up for ransom. That is our strategy and that is what our MDR solution does for businesses in addition to our many other IT services that we provide to Businesses.”

Our team's hard work, passion and dedication are the reasons why so many companies have become Apogee clients and have stayed with us for 18 years.  

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