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Apogee Announces Next Bagels & Bytes IT Trends Event in Pittsburgh

Posted on January 31, 2017
Cloud Technology Event

Apogee is hosting another Bagels & Bytes IT Trends Series event, this time in Pittsburgh, in partnership with Expedient -- a leading data center and provider of cloud services.

Optimizing Your Company's Investment in Cloud Technology


Thursday, Feb. 16
8:00 - 9:30 AM
One Allegheny Center, North Side, Pittsburgh
Free With RSVP


The technology boom has revolutionized the ways businesses operate. Whether you think it’s good or not, the reality is that technology is a critical component of your company’s ultimate value and growth potential.

From airbnb to Uber to Domino’s Pizza and others, we’ve seen it repeatedly. Businesses that have learned to embrace technology are the ones that will experience explosive growth and dominate their respective markets.

Where most companies get stuck is the HOW. And that's what we'll cover at this event:

  • How can we determine the value of our technology?
  • How can we do more and do better with our IT?
  • How can we get the most out of our investment?
  • How do we decide cloud vs. on-premise or both?
  • And how can we use it to take our business to the next level?

Plus, expect to hear about:

  • Top technology priorities including technology alignment, IT security & more
  • Meeting business needs with the demand for IT talent
  • Today’s IT challenges
  • The evolution of technology support
  • Technology & business alignment
  • The shift in focus to service providers
  • Virtualization to cloud
  • Barriers to cloud adoption
  • What it means for your SMB moving forward

Come ready to indulge in some breakfast, coffee, and IT education with two of the region’s top technology resources. Registration is free, but space is limited.

RSVP today to save your spot! ---> http://bit.ly/2jw3VCn 

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