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Apogee IT Services' E-Learning Program

Posted on September 15, 2022
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At Apogee IT Services we are committed to our team members both in their professional lives as well as their personal lives.  We strive to provide a holistic learning experience as often as we can.

Apogee IT Services recently rolled out an exciting and voluntary initiative for our employees to participate in. As a part of our larger growth and development program, we felt this is an important addition to providing a deeper learning experience. Our E-Learning program is comprised of short training sessions. These trainings are a part of an even larger program we are implementing called The Apogee Growth and Empowerment Program. These short training sessions include creating a positive work and life balance, family budgeting, time management, managing stress, communication skills, team building, negotiation skills, embracing diversity, etc.

When we can have a positive impact on a person's life through education and enablement, we are helping them prepare for the future today. The more we are committed to lifelong learning, the more we are prepared for life's opportunities. 

Since implementing this program, we have received extreme appreciation and excitement towards the weekly sessions provided. Shauna, an employee at Apogee, has shared that she participates in every session and has found them to be very beneficial. Shauna shared her insight and experience since starting the program. 

How have you been enjoying the E-Learning Program?

"I have been really enjoying all of the sessions. I like how they are short and do not take up too much time. This way I feel like I can complete them and get back to my work immediately after. The variety of the sessions offered are great and hit all of the important topics in life that I feel like we do not put enough emphasis on. Apogee truly cares about their employees and our lives outside of work. They are helping to fill the cup from the other side. I feel very appreciated and invested in when a company takes the time to help you grow outside of work."

How have these sessions contributed to your personal life? 

"They have greatly contributed to my personal life. For instance, the other week the session was focused on mindfulness. It is so important to step back from our busy everyday lives and take time for ourselves. During the mindfulness session, they shared different ways to pause during a hectic day and take deep breaths every once and while to help refocus yourself. In addition to the mindfulness session, I took a lot away from the financial session that I participated in. During the session, they shared various best practices for financial planning. I immediately shared these ideas with my husband, and we hope to implement them soon in our personal lives."

The importance of us working with our people to educate them on other life insights besides just their core educational requirements for their role is crucial in providing a healthy work life balance for all of our employees. A commitment to lifelong learning is the key to career success. 

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