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Apogee ITS is Here to Help You

Posted on February 04, 2021

January was a very busy month for Apogee ITS! As always, we are focused on delivering the ultimate client experience. Your business revolves around the technology you use, and when something goes wrong, it can derail an entire project. With the help of our experienced Help Desk techs in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto, you can avoid this disaster.

We use phone and email communication, depending on our customer’s preference, to resolve any problems that arise.

It is important to recognize our hardworking team and to share with others our successes! Below are some of the many comments our Help Desk received during the month of January from our clients.

  1. Jessica – “As always, I appreciated the timely help. Jessica was great. Thank you!”
  2. Neil – “Apogee’s IT Service guy Neil was very courteous and polite. He asked me what the problem was with my notebook. I explained that I’m not able to get into my email and my security questions isn’t working for me either. Neil was very knowledgeable and quick to rectify the issue. He also gave some good pointers on choosing and using passwords. Thank you Apogee.”
  3. Steve B – “Stephen was quickly able to load the Vonage system on my computer and went a step further in showing me how to use the system, tested it with an incoming call to me, set up my headset and tested that I was able to hear clearly through the headset. Adjusted settings and showed me where the icons were to make adjustments. Also tested and showed me use of headset with Microsoft Teams. Basically he went beyond my request to download Vonage on my computer. I greatly appreciate this as it saves me time in trying to figure this out.
  4. Jerry – “Jerry has been great. He is very helpful and does a good job answering questions and getting the computers set up.”
  5. Kyle – “Wonderful. The experience received was fantastic, in the most professional manner.”
  6. Steve S – “Prompt and patient, as all Apogee interactions have been. Thank you!”
  7. Blake – “Responded quickly and resolved the issue quickly.”

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