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Apogee's Employee Recognition Program

Posted on September 22, 2022
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In order for Apogee IT Services to deliver the ultimate client experience to our customers, we must deliver the ultimate client experience to our employees.  At Apogee IT Services, we are a team of talented and dedicated IT professionals who strive to be the best in our industry for our clients and our staff. It is important for us to acknowledge our employees hard work and constant effort on a daily basis. 

Recognizing a need for appreciation, Apogee rolled out The Employee Recognition Program. The employee recognition program allows all Apogee employees to show recognition and appreciation for their fellow coworkers through a nomination. We want to catch people doing the incredible things for our team and clients. With every nomination the employee receives their name is entered on "the Appreciation Wheel", there is a no limit to entries the employee receives as well. At the end of each month one recognized employee from each territory is selected to win a gift card of their choosing. 

Since implementing this program, we have received extreme appreciation and excitement towards The Employee Recognition Program. Bev, an employee at Apogee, has shared that she nominates employees regularly, has received nominations herself and has found this program very valuable. Bev shared her insight and experience on the program.

How have you been enjoying the Employee Recognition Program?

"I am enjoying it. I love hearing who is being nominated and who wins at the end of the month. I think this is an important addition to creating a positive workplace culture.  It's nice to see that people are taking the time to notices others. Since we have three locations sometimes it is hard to let others know who maybe work in a different city that they are doing a great job, but with this program it is easy to call out those wins."

How does it feel when you get recognized? 

"When I get recognized, it makes me feel great. It's nice to know that others appreciate something that I may have done. It is nice to see that my work is not going unnoticed. It also makes me want to go out there and nominate someone because I know how great it makes me feel."

What value do you think this holds for our employees?

"I think having this program is helping to build an even stronger connection and team between our three locations. Working with people daily, but not seeing them in person can be difficult, but this program has allowed us to create deeper connections with one another."

Recognition is proven as among the best method of improving work motivation and employee engagement. At Apogee we take pride in our employees and find it important to acknowledge their hard work as often as we can.

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