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Are You Using Your Personal Laptop For Work?

Posted on October 04, 2021

As the number of remote workers increase, so does the sales of personal laptops. 

Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have had to adapt to the “new normal”, employees working remotely. In March 2020, everyone was sent home from their jobs so quickly that businesses didn’t have enough time or resources to provide all of their employees with work laptops. As a result, a lot of employees have been given no choice but to use their own personal laptops to complete their work. Therefore, employees that use their personal laptops as work laptops are seeing a dramatic increase in cyberattacks.  

Cyber attackers have taken advantage of the pandemic. The weaknesses in some companies security is now being used as leverage for attackers to strike the most vulnerable organizations. Due to this, companies must focus on their security more than ever.

Since almost 50% of the work force works remotely, the sales of personal laptops have had a 13% increase. Although allowing your employees to use their personal laptops for work may seems great from a  financial aspect, it could cost your company more in damage in the long run.  Now is the time to invest in the best security for your laptop. No matte the size of the organization you work for, everyone can fall victim to a cyberattack. 

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Source: TheVerge, Fourtune.com

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