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Finding the Best-fit Boston IT Service Provider

Posted on February 23, 2016
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Searching for a Boston IT service provider can seem like a daunting task to the business owners, C-Level executives, or managers tasked with the process. There’s a plethora of options in the New England region, but not all managed service providers are created equal. From break/fix solutions to MSPs for specific industries, finding the best-fit IT provider for your business is crucial when it comes to avoiding IT pain.

Analyzing IT Service Providers in Boston

Whether you’re hiring a Boston IT service provider for the first time or replacing a current vendor, it’s important to take the time to analyze how each MSP operates and prospectively understand the needs of your business. Not only should you take the time to explore the practices of potential MSP candidates, but those same IT service providers need to explore your company’s IT usage, best practices, and culture. It’s the foundation of a solid relationship and helps you identify the providers that best align with your business.

But most importantly, any firm offering Boston IT services needs to be able to show you evidence of a successful support system and how they will alleviate your IT pain or potential concerns. In a region with so many IT service providers, it’s important to not only ask, but seek proof of the following:

Exploring these will help you understand how an MSP will hold themselves accountable for delivering what they promise. Not only do Boston IT service providers need to give detailed answers, but they should be willing to show you how they operate to achieve success for their clients.

Outsourced IT & Pricing

When searching through managed service providers, it’s absolutely crucial to explore company structure and hiring practices. Organizations often fail to inquire about these areas, which give some perspective into the breadth and depth of the MSP. With some Boston IT service providers using 3rd parties to complete significant portions of their work (i.e., they’re outsourcing your outsourced IT), it’s important to inquire about staffing and management to identify those who have the internal size and skillset to provide a comprehensive set of Boston IT services.

Additionally, pricing is something that every company is aware of when searching for an MSP, and it’s an important part of finding the best-fit IT services provider for your business. Look for a managed service provider who prices on a per capita basis with a custom plan centered around your IT management needs. Providers offering a low cost/user seem attractive due to cheaper costs, but long wait times are often attached to these companies resulting in inefficiencies and frustration. Ask potential providers about the numbers attached to their help desk support, as they’re a good indicator of the level of service you’ll receive. For example, 96% of calls at Apogee are answered within 2 minutes by a technician capable of solving the problem at hand.

The Apogee IT Services Difference

As a Boston IT service provider, we pride ourselves on being able to show clients the processes, documentation, statistics, and staff behind our offering. We put heavy emphasis on understanding each client’s business, and we invite them to explore ours. With a rich history focused on the MSP model and delivering outstanding IT support, our client retention rates speak for themselves. If you’d like to learn more about how Apogee IT Services fits in with your business, contact us today!


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