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Collaborating to Build a Better Environment Through Supplemental IT Support

Posted on May 19, 2017
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Business owners know that their technology isn’t stagnant. As an organization grows, their technological needs evolve as well. With the addition of new hardware, software, and users, your IT environment soon requires a resource to manage it all, leading some SMBs to hire an internal IT professional. But when your in-house resource needs a little backup, where should you turn?

Support for Your Internal IT Team

Between day-to-day IT support tasks and planning for the long-term health of your infrastructure, in-house IT professionals have a lot on their plate. Even in the middle of the night, these professionals are relied upon to monitor, manage, and support the systems in place. But with vacations, sick days, and the simple necessity of sleep, 24/7 network support is oftentimes out of reach. Initially, businesses begin to weigh the idea of hiring an additional IT employee, but the added costs of healthcare, retirement contributions, and more can poke holes in this solution. However, the right managed services provider can help solve this dilemma.

While managed services oftentimes provide businesses with comprehensive management of their information technology, Apogee IT Services also works alongside internal IT staff to provide them with supplemental support. With defined roles and responsibilities, Apogee and in-house employees collaborate to efficiently manage a company’s network and build a better environment.

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Your Employees & Apogee IT Services

In the diverse field of technology, every professional has areas of strengths and weaknesses. Some are subject matter experts on specific applications, while others are skilled in providing end user support. With Apogee as your MSP, we look to supplement your team by handling areas of need and letting your internal employees manage the functions they want to focus on.

For example, if a client has a rock-solid deskside support person, but would like Apogee to handle IT planning and design as well as vendor management, we take on those responsibilities. In other instances, an organization may have an internal infrastructure specialist who wants to focus on enterprise class tasks, but is getting bogged down by end user support. Here, we give end users access to our experienced IT help desk to give the internal employee time to focus on high level responsibilities tied to their environment. In both situations, Apogee brings the knowledge and experience of over 60 technical employees to the client, all acting as an arm of their current team.

During onboarding, we work with your IT staff to define clear roles that allow for efficient operations as we work towards a better environment together. With supplemental IT support from Apogee, we give internal teams the backup they need to succeed, while bringing business owners peace of mind that their technology is fully supported and proactively managed.

If you would like to hear more about how we work with clients who have an existing technology staff, contact us today! With offices in Pittsburgh, Boston, & Toronto, we bring both supplemental and full-service managed services to organizations across the United States and Canada.

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