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Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Employees to Work Remote

Posted on March 19, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many businesses across the world to close their offices. As a result, employees are being forced to work from home.

Unfortunately, a large majority of people do not have a job that easily allows them to work remote. Therefore, companies are struggling to provide the technology as well as the software to ensure their employees can successfully complete their work while not being present in the office. Since many companies have been given no choice but to shut down and have all their employees work remote, there are unpredictable issues that are bound to follow. Many systems were not built to withstand the stresses on businesses that the coronavirus pandemic has caused. This means websites and company software are struggling to keep up. Business management tools are working so hard to complete everybody’s tasks that it is taking a tool on the system itself. In addition to the strain on management tools, working from home has caused massive pressure on IT professionals. For instance, companies need to make sure that they have a backup plan incase their systems fail. With the surge in remote work, IT infrastructure is feeling the effects. Employees should remain vigilant as there may be an increased number of cybersecurity threats. There is no doubt that cybercriminals are going to take advantage of these circumstances and will strengthen their efforts to access valuable data.

What We Are Doing to Ensure Our Clients Continue to Receive Best-in-Class Service:

  • Adhering to government declarations and international workforce requirements.
  • Any routine or scheduled work that requires an onsite presence will be coordinated with the client by our Business Relationship Managers (BRM).
  • Apogee will only dispatch onsite service requests to essential businesses after exhausting remote support options.
  • Apogee may ask for authorization from an Executive Leader before dispatching a technician to both confirm the urgency and need and coordinate any special instructions or procedures our technicians should be aware of while onsite.
  • Both of Apogee’s Hosting Centers and Support Centers are fully operational and working in line with Apogee’s Support Team, enabling staff to manage client networks.
  • We implemented a phased remote work policy. Doing so allows us to maintain business operations as usual, while doing our part to keep public health front of mind.
  • We are working with our clients to ensure our staff are educated and follow client protocol for COVID-19. Your BRM will help you with handling your needs and is available remotely.
  • We are using the same technology that we use in the design for client businesses to enable our telework force to execute efficiently our delivery of IT Services.

Apogee has an excellent IT Service Management Platform that will enable us to continue operating as usual to answer calls, monitor and mange client networks, backups, etc. and provide help-desk services as always. We are ready and able to assist your organization in implementing the right hardware, software, and tools your employees need to work remotely.

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