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Countering Downtime with a Responsive Remote Help Desk

Posted on July 18, 2017
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In 2017, small and medium-sized businesses have come to rely upon their technology in order to deliver their products and services. Law firms, manufacturing companies, and more require a stable environment with minimal downtime, but oftentimes they don’t have a reliable resource by their side to help them when IT issues arise. So, where should you turn to give your employees the support they need while bringing you peace of mind?

Managed Services & a Responsive Help Desk

Traditionally, technology issues causing downtime were resolved by an internal employee or local break/fix provider, but in many instances, these solutions were costly and inefficient for small and medium-sized organizations. But with the advancement of remote capabilities, managed service providers are now able to offer comprehensive help desk services to clients alongside IT security services, remote monitoring, and much more.

At Apogee, our IT help desk is part of our core four managed service offering, and gives clients a knowledgeable team of technicians who are there as your first line of support against downtime. Operating out of our Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto offices, this team is capable of resolving most IT issues on the first call with escalation procedures in place to handle more complex problems.

The Apogee IT help desk handles a wide range of issues for clients, including both user-related and network-specific problems. The most common problems technicians deal with include:

  1. User account resets
  2. Application-specific issues
  3. Email problems
  4. Printer-related issues
  5. Fundamental network connectivity (e.g. wireless problems)

Most SMBs experience one or more of the issues above on a fairly regular basis, and without an IT support resource to turn to, they begin to see a productive workday give way to a technology headache.

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Finding the Right IT Help Desk

With a remote help desk, businesses often find themselves enamored with a provider when going through the sales process, only to find out that the actual service delivery is lacking. There are three specific things that signal a weak help desk:

  1. Call Backs – the most glaring signal of a weak help desk are call backs. This is a symptom of an understaffed team as your help desk call is routed to an employee who simply takes down your contact information and has a technician call you back at a later time.
  2. Slow Call Answer Rate – this is the amount of time between you dialing in and when you speak to a live voice. Typically, speaking to a live voice within 60 seconds is acceptable, but top tier help desks far exceed this number. At Apogee, most calls are met with a live voice within 10 seconds.
  3. Inexperienced First Response Teams – many help desks staff their tier 1 team with inexperienced technicians who cannot resolve any issues. They serve to gather your information and proceed to escalate you to someone with more technical knowledge. This issue signals that the help desk provider themselves may be outsourcing their own services, keeping your company from having their issues resolved in a timely, efficient manner.

The Apogee Remote Help Desk

When searching for an IT help desk, it’s critical to question staffing, experience, and processes to ensure that your company receives high quality service from a reliable managed services provider. At Apogee, our help desk is staffed with a team of trained technicians capable of resolving most IT issues on the first call. Every call is answered with a live voice, which means no automated menus or long wait times, ultimately getting your employees back to work as fast as possible. We also go one step further and interface with vendors when the need arises (part of our vendor coordination services). This means your employees are no longer tasked with playing middleman when 3rd party technology vendors begin pointing fingers at each other when a problem arises.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our help desk in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto, please contact us today to speak with an Apogee representative. We’d love to hear more about your company, goals, and the role technology plays in your business.

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