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Do Not Miss this Critical Apple Update

Posted on February 02, 2021
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Apple has recently released iOS 14.4, an update that plans to fix three major security issues that are said to be currently under attack by hackers. The vulnerability, labelled CVE-2021-1782, was first reported by a security researcher who still remains anonymous. "The other two flaws in Apple’s WebKit, the engine that powers the Safari browser, could allow a remote attacker to execute code. The vulnerabilities, CVE-2021-1871 and CVE-2021-1870, were also reported by an anonymous researcher", Forbes.com reports. At this moment it is not known who is to blame for these attacks or who might fall victim, but it has been Apple's main priority to ensure all of its users are safe.  Although there are some super cool updates that come with iOS 14.4, Apple's primary focus is to fix the existing security flaws by releasing the necessary security fixes. 

According to TechCrunch.com, "Two of the bugs were found in WebKit, the browser engine that powers the Safari browser, and the Kernel, the core of the operating system. Some successful exploits use sets of vulnerabilities chained together, rather than a single flaw. It’s not uncommon for attackers to first target vulnerabilities in a device’s browsers as a way to get access to the underlying operating system."

Apple suggests all of its users to update to iOS 14.4 as soon as possible to ensure you do not fall victim to these hackers.  

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