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From Internship to Pitch Competition

Posted on November 27, 2019

While a marketing internship and an entrepreneurship pitch competition may not seem directly related, for me they are.

I started my internship at Apogee at the beginning of June (almost 6 months...wow!) and it has been on-the-go from there. In the time that I have been at Apogee, I have learned everything from administration to marketing to business development to IT management. I have met so many genuine, hardworking individuals from many different backgrounds and career paths. Along the way, each of my coworkers have taught me something, whether it be lesson or fun fact.

My summer marketing and outreach internship at Apogee quickly turned into a remote internship, as I continued my work from Kent State. With a heavy course load and busy schedule, especially toward the end of the semester, it was time for me to concentrate fully on my studies.


While I am sad to see myself transition out of Apogee, I am grateful for the lessons I learned, the experience I have gained, and the people I have met.


One of the most exciting experiences that I had the opportunity to participate in this semester was the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation's annual CEBIdea Pitch Competition at Kent State. This pitch competition gives students of all majors to compete for grand prizes totaling $2,500 and a chance to turn their business idea into a reality. I pitched my business idea Citrous, a lemon-based beverage made from fresh ingredients. After countless hours of practice, revisions, and mentoring, I won 1st place! I look forward to competing the larger spring pitch competition for grand prizes totaling $30,000 and the chance to receive further mentoring.


I can honestly say that my internship at Apogee helped in my preparation of the pitch. Whether it was the confidence given to me through various meetings, conference calls, or networking conferences, the innovation that came from problem solving, or the creativity that came from creating new content in a field brand new to me.


As I reminisce, the growth in both my personal and business lives is clearly evident. I wish my fellow coworkers and Apogee as a whole nothing but the best as I move on to other roles and career opportunities. Thank you all for a great start to my thrilling career!


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