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IT Strategy for the Healthcare Industry

Posted on August 30, 2022
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Healthcare IT is an industry unto itself. The health information technology landscape is evolving rapidly with a growing number of digital solutions introduced to address prominent challenges in health care. Health system leaders have to make important decisions about which technologies to pursue while balancing limited resources.

These businesses share many of the same challenges with regard to technology, but usually lack the funding and support they need to manage their IT effectively. Essentially, they deal with the same IT needs and patient privacy demands but have only a fraction of the budget and capabilities.

Seismic shifts in the way health care is managed and paid for continue to create challenges for physicians, hospitals, and other medical providers. The global pandemic kicked these changes into high gear―for example, increasing telehealth visits by up to 175 times pre-pandemic levels.[1]

One way to help navigate healthcare transformation―and support digital innovation in your practice―is to properly manage, update, and secure your IT environment. We specialize in keeping businesses functioning at a high level in the midst of change.

Managed Services: An Entire IT Department at Your Fingertips

The managed services model is the ideal solution for these smaller practices and victims of divestment. Basically, we can become the IT department you desperately need but would never be able to hire and manage on your own – and for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re a smaller practice…you’ll have proactive and reactive support (regardless of whether you have an internal technical staff member) and an entire team that can fulfill a strategic technical role for your business. You’ll have a team dedicated to tracking your software licenses and renewals, discussing necessary upgrades, alerting you about issues before they become catastrophes, and providing coverage and support (so your IT Manager can go on vacation once in a while). With Apogee, you’ll have access to technical staff, typically for less than it would cost to hire one additional internal IT person.

If you were divested…you’ll still deal with changes and the repercussions of the divestment but working with an MSP can provide access to the level of IT management you need. In turn you can continue to deliver the standard of care and the business efficiency your patients have come to expect.

You don’t have to let your medical practice technology add to your administrative burden. Our team can help. We have the expertise in IT, and we know how to apply it to the healthcare setting.

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