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How To Have Success with IT & More - Tech Roundup May 2016

Posted on June 01, 2016
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May brought a mix of interesting tech stories, ranging from IT infrastructure upgrades for various businesses to Pittsburgh's first ever Inclusive Innovation Week. Also this month there was a focus on the pros of outsourcing IT to a managed service provider, and the success of Google's Chromebook.

IT Disruption Means Businesses Spend More Money Than Ever on Technology

Businesses of all different sizes are beginning to worry that their current IT infrastructure is less of an asset and more of a liability. According to Thor Olavsrud from CIO.com, businesses are limited when it comes to implementing new technology due to their old and obsolete infrastructure.

A study done by Insight Enterprise, a global technology provider, found that from a random sample of 403 IT professionals, “55% felt the current technology in place at their business was a hindrance to adopting new technologies…also 48% are planning IT budget growth at an average increase of 22% over last year.” The biggest budget increase is set to be from medium-sized businesses.

There is an ongoing race within the IT and business worlds for tech advancements, and everyone wants to be in the lead. Businesses are not only willing to spend more money on information technology, but they want to be convinced that they’re getting an organized, modern, and advanced system. In other words, they want to optimize their IT investment.

Is your network and infrastructure old and obsolete? Apogee can help your company update its technology and set up your IT to empower your employees, not hold them back.

Seeking Business Success? Consider Outsourcing Your IT

For small and medium-sized businesses that have an internal IT department, one single IT employee, or even no IT staff at all: The Boston Business Journal provides five signals that may indicate whether you should consider moving to a managed services provider:

  1. Your business can’t keep up with technological changes/advancements, so it’s holding your company back.
  2. Your company is experiencing growth or will be in the near future.
  3. You’ve experienced high IT employee turnover, even for a single IT specialist.
  4. Your company has experienced performance and stability issues with information technology systems.
  5. You’re seeking support that will suit your needs (around-the-clock, multi-location, etc.).

If any of these five signals applies to your business, it may be time to consider outsourcing your IT. At Apogee IT Services, we do more than just provide ‘outsourced IT’ for our clients. We’re truly a partner in their success by providing secure, predictable, reliable IT services. If you’re experiencing any of the signals above, or ongoing IT discomfort or pain, contact us today.

Chromebooks Take the Win Over Mac Notebooks

In the first quarter this year, more PC’s powered by Google’s Chrome OS were shipped out in the United States than those driven by Apple’s OS X. Chromebooks have gained popularity because they’re relatively inexpensive in comparison to Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. For this reason and others, Chromebooks also out-shipped all 3 of those Mac notebooks.

Gregg Keizer from ComputerWorld.com reports that 1.6 million Chromebook’s were shipped in Q1, while 1.2 million Mac notebooks were shipped in the same time span. Meaning, 37% more Chromebooks were shipped than Mac notebooks. These numbers are huge, especially because this means Mac sales in Q1 decrease by 12% in comparison to their Mac sales in the same time period last year. This is also significant because it is the second largest decline for Mac in nine years. Will the Mac notebook regain control of the market, or will Chromebooks continue to take over for the next few quarters to come? Looks like we will have to wait and see.

Pittsburgh Hosts First-Ever Inclusive Innovation Week

A few weeks ago, Pittsburgh hosted its first annual Inclusive Innovation Week. The event was a success and the timing could not have been better. Pittsburgh is really stepping it up in terms of growth and innovation. In the near future, Uber and Facebook are set to build research divisions in Pittsburgh, and Google just celebrated their 10th anniversary in the Steel City.

Before the event, Mayor Bill Peduto declared that he is partnering up with Pittsburgh’s Department of Innovation and Performance and the Urban Redevelopment Authority to create a Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation. He stated, “to be truly successful, Pittsburgh’s technology boom has to be accessible for all.” The mayor wants various groups (including businesses) and minorities in the city to be aware of technological advances and the drive for innovation.

The events were available to all Pittsburgh residents throughout the week, with central themes relating to tech, inclusion, family, and art. Learn more about Pittsburgh Inclusive Innovation Week.

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