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IoT is Critical to Your Future Success

Posted on May 18, 2020

If you haven’t noticed the IoT (internet of things) market has taken off. There are now 26 billion IoT devices with 127 new devices being connected every second. It is predicted that the IoT device market will reach $1.1 trillion by 2026, aided by the evolution of enabling tech like 5G (more on this next time). Its applications for business are many and varied, which explains the more than 1000 start-up companies developing IoT products or services today and the $3.6 billion of funding that was awarded in 2019 alone. More than 80% of manufacturing companies are using IoT devices in some way to transform their business. However, it is literally enabling businesses in every market and across all industries. Although these companies and others have begun using IoT in their business, they are less then 10% penetrated leaving an incredible amount of opportunity.

What does this mean for Apogee? IoT devices connect in most cases to a network to share data between devices and storage. The need to connect IoT devices provides Apogee the opportunity to advise clients and deploy a sophisticated wireless network with more secure access points. Between the addition of access points and the direct connect of IoT devices there will be a need for more intelligent switches to connect to the network. Quality of service and bandwidth segmentation will be important for prioritizing the flow of data. The need for storage will continue to grow at fast rates and so will backup requirements. The IoT devices and the data will need to be secured and made accessible through software portals, and other applications. Most importantly, IT Services will become critical towards assuring that the network is always on and that these devices are passing secure data 7/24/365.


IoT is a big thing and if you haven’t spent time investigating what it is, how it provides value to business/clients and what technologies are leading the way you should check out Google IoT ( What Is IoT? | What's the Internet of Things?) ‎today and start learning about IoT. 

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