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IT Strategy for Manufacturing Companies

Posted on November 16, 2017
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With the manufacturing environment changing more rapidly now than during the Industrial Revolution, accomplishing new goals will require major changes in current manufacturing practices. Developing an IT strategy can provide the tools to achieve goals that are critical to the future of manufacturing. Rapid shifts in production, faster implementation and delivery, and increased utilization of resources are all results that can come from developing an IT strategy within the manufacturing industry.

Why should you keep up with IT?

Manufacturing companies can face a variety of struggles. Whether it's challenges such as high labor costs, shortage of skilled staff, customer retention, etc., these are all current problems a manufacturing company may experience. But out of all current struggles, 62% of CIO's say that alignment of information technology to business strategy is the biggest challenge.

So how can IT make a difference with the manufacturing industry? Developing an IT strategy can benefit a company in many ways, including:

  • Innovation
  • Business Forecast
  • Customer Relations
  • Data Analysis
  • Supplier Interactions
  • Business Intelligence

Breaking Down IT Barriers with Apogee

With IT strategy becoming more important than ever for manufacturing companies, there are drivers and barriers that can heavily affect IT development in this industry. The main barriers and drivers of IT investment for manufacturing within the next three years include:


              1-1.png              2-2.png


At the moment, most manufacturing companies are not prepared to tackle the myriad of information technology challenges coming in the next few years. It's critical for these companies to iron out IT security issues, build a true IT strategy, and ensure they have a trusted, knowledgable IT management resource at their disposal moving into 2018.

As a managed services provider, we serve numerous manufacturing companies by helping them build an IT roadmap that properly leverages their current technology while preparing them for the future.  With a thorough understanding of your systems, we're able to act as your technology strategist and help you get the most from your IT while supporting it every step of the way.

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