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Key Date Management: Licenses, Renewals, & Expirations, Oh My!

Posted on April 20, 2016
Technician managing client licenses

With so many PCs, laptops, firewalls, applications, and other IT assets, it’s incredibly difficult to keep important details organized. It may fall to the internal IT specialist or the Office Administrator to track what we call the ‘lifecycle’ of these components, which include:

  • Software licenses
  • Security certifications
  • Hardware warranties
  • Software warranties
  • Domain expiration/renewal dates
  • Inventory
  • And more

Tracking your IT assets -- sometimes called key date management -- can be a big pain no matter how it’s done; it’s just one more item to add to your to-dos. And it’s easy to let it fall to the bottom of the priority list…until something major no longer works because it expired or is no longer under warranty.

When You Don’t Manage Your IT Assets Correctly

Some smaller companies may be tempted to let their licenses expire or continue to run hardware and software when they are no longer covered under warranty. Know the risks it poses to your business!

  • An expired cert might cost only a few dollars to renew, but it can bring down a critical application if it expires.
  • A domain name that you took the time to buy to protect your precious brand expires and suddenly becomes available to the highest bidder.
  • A finicky piece of hardware or software is jeopardizing a critical deadline, so you call for support only to find out that they won't help you because your support contract isn't current.
  • If you let your security certifications expire, you may no longer be in compliance with industry regulations.

A lot of people rely on the vendors themselves to notify you of expirations, but that can be hit or miss. What if the notification gets caught in your spam filter? Or someone deletes the notice not realizing how important it is? Or maybe the vendor doesn't have it together enough to warn you before the expiration date hits.

Tracking Network & Infrastructure Assets as a Best Practice

Working with a managed services provider like Apogee IT Services has a lot of benefits, and key date management is just one of them. Along with managing nearly every aspect of your network and infrastructure, we also track the lifecycle of your assets.

At Apogee, our industry-leading documentation and customer relationship management tracking system is one of our greatest operational strengths:

  • With our best-in-class tools, we track inventory and expiration dates for your key assets, notifying you of upcoming renewals and expirations and providing a quote when necessary.
  • We work with clients to ensure they understand their license compliance requirements.
  • That, along with keeping your security certifications up to date, will help to keep you in compliance with any security regulations you may have.
  • We provide insight and advice when needed) so you can make the best IT decisions for your company.

Eliminating Confusion & Improving Your Company’s IT Management

Wondering when your PCs will no longer be supported? Not sure when you need to update your Microsoft Office licenses? Concerned that your security certs are close to expiration? With Apogee’s managed services solution, lifecycle management will no longer keep you up at night.

There are a host of other benefits when you choose to form a partnership with a managed services provider like Apogee. We are headquartered in Pittsburgh and have an additional office in Boston. So if you're an SMB in Pittsburgh or Western PA, learn more about the information technology services we provide and other ways we work to improve your IT.

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