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Management's Role in Creating World-Class IT

Posted on July 18, 2016

Welcome to the seventh and final video in our series on what it takes to create world-class IT. If you haven’t already, check out the previous installments:

In our other installments we talked about all of the components that go into the world-class IT system. One thing that hadn’t been mentioned is the diligent execution on the part of management which makes all of this actually happen. Because of this, the theme of our last video is the management—but really the executive focus—to build and maintain world-class IT.

2 Keys for Management

Executives know that every major initiative for their business requires focus. Creating world-class IT is obviously a major initiative that doesn’t happen overnight. When talking about the management or executive focus, it comes down to 2 key things: vision and energy.


Vision means understanding what world-class IT is really all about— how it feels, what it looks like, who contributes to it etc. The example Apogee likes to use is imagine someone came to you and asked you to design a luxury home. Say you have never been in a luxury home before, or even if you have been in one, you most likely don’t know what how all of the details in the home were crafted. That being said, it would probably be really hard for you to figure out how to build that home. Vision comes from a deep understanding of what the given idea or plan is going to look like, then you need to communicate that specific picture to the whole team. Without the vision and effective communication between all levels of employees, you cannot get to the desired end goal.


Energy is the second component. Experienced executives know that the hardest decisions they have to make aren’t about how they are going to do something, but what they are and are not going to do. Building world-class IT is not the kind of initiative that can be done in an executive team’s spare time. If it is number 20, 15, or even 10 on the list of things to do for the business, it is probably not going to be successful. Organizations that have world-class IT have it because they understand the strategic value it provides for the organization, so they are willing to put in the energy to invest in it.

In reality, up against all the critical things that are competing for resources within an organization, building world-class IT doesn’t usually make the cut. But what if your company wants the benefit of world-class IT? What if your company doesn’t have the ability or capabilities to build it yourself? That’s where a managed service provider comes in. At Apogee IT Services, creating world-class IT is our number 1 priority. We have the focus, vision, and energy to pull it off effectively. A lot of organizations have a “why”as in why they exist. Apogee’s “why” is that we enable talented technologists to create world-class IT for those who need it. We are proud to deliver world-class IT to over 150 clients every day. Apogee has invested all of the things talked about in the previous videos to make this a reality, and management is what brings it all together.

To find out more about our executive management team click here. Stay tuned for new video blogs and interviews coming soon.

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