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My Internship Experience at Apogee IT Services

Posted on April 05, 2019
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As soon as I sat down in my first marketing course at Duquesne University, the first words out of my professor's mouth were "Get ready for internships, they will be the best experience you can get." That professor was not wrong. The time since then has truly flashed before my eyes; how am I already a senior, graduating in May?! As Summer 2018 came to an end, I realized that my life was going to change dramatically, but for the better.

Entering into my senior year, I knew that I had to gain experience outside the classroom if I really wanted to understand the full experience of the business world.  Although my major is marketing and I've spent countless hours in marketing-focused courses, I did not understand that those courses simply could not compare to the real-world experience an internship could offer. I was unaware of importance behind the "internship experience." With that, my major concern when applying to internships was:

"Will this actually help me in the future?!"

That was not an uncommon statement for students my age to make at the time, but now I could not imagine not having my internship with Apogee IT Services. 

As I completed my core classes in school, I knew that I wanted to go into marketing, but was not sure what part of marketing would be the best fit for me. At that stage in my education, I did not think that mattered; I just wanted to do "marketing."  Walking into the Information Technology field, I really had no idea what to expect. And, to be honest, I would not have changed this opportunity for the world. Coming into this internship, I had an open mind and had the drive to work as hard as I could, because:

"What you put in, is exactly what you get out of it." 

During my internship this past semester, I truly learned all of my skills here. One of the most important things that I gained from this internship is the newfound knowledge that l will use in my everyday career. When I think of the things I've accomplished in my time as an intern, I would have to say creating the Apogee IT Services Instagram account was my favorite part of my internship. It was a chance to show my creative side, as well as use the marketing skills I learned to create the best content I can.  

Being challenged every day and learning new skills that I never even knew about, or would have ever learned in the classroom is what I am grateful to have gained from this internship. My marketing internship experience at Apogee IT Services has blown away my expectations in every way. I now feel prepared to graduate from Duquesne with experience on my shoulders and go out into the business world to begin my career in marketing. 



Thank you for sharing your story, Sam! We are very grateful for your hard work and dedication to #TeamApogee!

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