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Myth or Fact: the Cloud

Posted on June 27, 2018
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We hear about the Cloud often. Companies market their cloud storage as an infinite, invisible space that can be accessed from anywhere. Apogee is one such company. But let's break down what is myth and what is fact about this emerging technology.

Myth: the Cloud is invisible

A beautiful feature of the Cloud is the lack of need for a USB drive or floppy disk to take files from one device to the next. But that does not mean the files are not being stored on hardware.

Put simply, the Cloud is a way to store files via the Internet. The Internet is not the destination, but the medium, by which the files travel to and from hardware for storage. This hardware is any of the servers housed and maintained by the Cloud provider. These data centers are filled with towering servers, all connected to the Internet. When you upload files to the Cloud, they are sent to the servers thanks to the World Wide Web. The files then sit in the server, waiting to be retrieved. When you request to open your files, a copy is sent to your device - even if that device was not where the files originated.

So no, the Cloud is not invisible. It is just hidden away in an office building. For Apogee, that building is in Toronto.

Myth: the Cloud is infinite

As of 2018, humans do not have unlimited resources to build and maintain an infinite number of servers. Maybe someday the Cloud will actually live above our heads aboard a satellite; but for now access to high-speed internet requires cables, short-range routers, and servicemen.

While the ability to build servers is limited, the Cloud storage available is unfathomably vast. The capacity of the world's data centers is currently estimated at 1450 exabytes. That is 1,450,000,000,000 gigabytes. Or 484,000,000,000 movies streamed in HD. Or 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Instagram photos. Or 36,250,000,000,000,000 pages in Microsoft Word.

The average American uses up to 24GB a year. With 89% of Americans using the Internet, the United States uses about 7,000,000,000GB. That leaves 1,443,000,000,000GB for the rest of the world. There are about 4.1 billion Internet users world-wide, including the US. While the US uses more data than most countries, if everyone online used the average 24GB per year that Americans do, there would still be 135,000,000,000GB remaining. So go ahead and upload all those photos of your pet. There is definitely room.

Fact: the Cloud is safe

A main concern regarding the Cloud is data security. But storing your files offsite is actually safer than using local drives. It would take a criminal mastermind or two to steal from the servers housed in data centers. Makes for a great movie, but realistically impossible. Rihanna may have some incredible hacking skills on screen, however we doubt anyone off screen could pull off such a heist. In contrast, anyone could snag a thumb drive, mobile device, or even a desktop CPU.

No one has ever successfully attacked public clouds. There are teams of scientists, IT specialists, national security experts, and more that are protecting your data. Just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark, these are "top. men." tasked with keeping the storage safe. While they may not have a hat or whip, these men and women have not failed us yet.


So.. contrary to popular belief, the Cloud is not the invisible and infinite tool companies have marketed it to be. It is, however, extremely convenient and secure. For more information on how Apogee utilizes the Cloud, visit our site or call 844-927-6433.


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