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On The Road Again with Paul Cronin

Posted on August 20, 2019
On The Road Again w_ PC


On the road again and I enjoy sharing my journey and some observations that I made along the way.

I booked my cab ride from the train station to the airport online. The app allows taxi’s to compete with ride share services and also to reduce the need to sit in lines outside places when there are no patrons. New apps create software jobs and the need for always on services.

As I walked through the airport, I noticed video messages regarding warnings about cybersecurity and the threats it poses to everybody. The insight helps prevent security attacks by educating the 25,000+ people who travel through the airport daily.

I stopped by a coffee kiosk with a robot system that made a surprisingly nice cup of coffee. Another new innovation, this machine provides a lot of variety for coffee selections and is connected by wireless so that supply levels can be sent to service staff for stocking and repairs.

The bathrooms have a smile or frown rating system on the wall for clients to rate their experience. If a "frown" is pressed maintenance staff are contacted to check on the cleanliness and replenish supplies.

Touch screen monitors allow you to input where you want to go in the airport and then the screens show you how to get there, reducing the need for information desks.

The airport is a very different place today. It is filled with new technologies (more to come) and many are aimed at creating operational efficiency, growing revenue, and improving the client experience. The same reason all organizations today are investing. 

On my way out of the airport, I stopped to have my shoes shined. People that shine shoes are passionate about the shine they provide and most are great conversationalists. I like to visit booths to check in with the people and support their business even if I don’t really need a shine.

One of the shoe shine booths actually had a smileback survey device on the wall. I asked him why he had the survey on the wall and he replied:

“I never want to have a client go away anything but fully delighted – it is my reputation at risk.” He said “ in my business you only have one chance to SHINE and create a lasting impression that keeps them coming back.”

As I sit in my Lyft ride headed to the office I thought about my trip today. Investments in new technology are all around us and organizations are investing to reduce costs, become more efficient, grow revenue, differentiate themselves from competitors, and improve the client experience.

Almost every new technology created some type of service related job. Our clients come to us as their partner to educate them, assess their needs, implement leading edge technologies and assure that it is always on and that they are maximizing their investment. We are our clients X factor and without us they would have difficulty competing and innovating in this world of hyper change.

What new technologies have you seen that blows you away?




Paul Cronin


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