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On The Road Again with Paul Cronin (Part 2)

Posted on September 18, 2019
On The Road Again w_ PC-1


As I was travelling recently, I was reflecting on a recent conversation I had about moving.

Recently I was talking to Jesse, our Support Center leader in Pittsburgh about his plans to move this weekend and it got me thinking about some recent success that we had.  As we shared lunch he reminded me of all the coordination, transportation, packing, discarding, installing, ordering internet, changing the mailing address, and the list goes on. He is absolutely not looking forward to the move.  His insight reminded me of what our team just faced in their move.

I wanted to highlight some of the great work and extra effort that the new combined Toronto Team and Boston Teams put in this month to move both of their office locations and still drive business success.

As you know moving is a complicated process and takes a lot of extra effort to do it efficiently and not interrupt our process of delivering the "ultimate client experience."

I was very pleased to hear from Daniel, our CTO in Toronto about how the D-Tech team moving in to the Apogee Toronto building went. Daniel pointed to both teams putting a lot of preparation in ahead of time that really contributed to the success. Dori talked about the Boston office moving last year was a good warm up for the move this year. The Boston office moved into one of our client's buildings. This client is excited about our deeper level of engagement.

The best news related to the moves was that in both cases the teams achieved their goal on time, under budget, and nobody got hurt. That is a great achievement and I applaud their efforts.

Our client’s come to us to help them plan their moves and assure success in the process. I feel we are well positioned to help them and with great planning and preparation at the forefront of delivering the “ultimate client experience.”


Do you remember your last move?


Onward and upward




Paul Cronin


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