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Apogee's Vendor Liaison - At A Glance

Posted on November 12, 2019

Many managed services providers (MSPs) offer monitoring and alerting, security, support, and strategy, although there are certainly different levels of service delivery and what you experience as a client. However, there is one service that is a  game-changer: VENDOR LIAISON.

What It Is

An MSP who serves as a vendor liaison communicates with other technology-related vendors on your behalf to:

  • Resolve Help Desk tickets
  • Provide support for applications & technologies
  • Coordinate projects & upgrades

Why It Matters

Do you oversee your company’s technology needs? Do you get tired of being the middleman between two or more technology vendors? Regardless of whether you’re an IT Manager, a Controller, or a business owner, wasting time on the phone going back and forth to resolve issues or coordinate projects gets old very quickly. And frustrating.

The large majority of MSPs won’t help you manage your vendors. But at Apogee IT Services, vendor coordination is part of your managed services solution.

How We Do It

Have industry-specific applications, tools, or technologies that are critical for your business? Worried about having an MSP who knows those systems intimately?

No MSP can know every single application across every client and every industry, but this is how we achieve that result.

We store information on your vendors in our documentation system and coordinate with them on your behalf to resolve Help Desk tickets and other issues. We update our documentation continuously, so at any given time our technologists have the right info to give you the quickest service possible.

Need to order a printer, migrate to a new VoIP phone system, or deal with a pesky connectivity problem with your ISP?

We take your place and serve as your advocate, making sure you get exactly what you need and that it works with your current IT setup. Even if we don’t offer a certain technology or service at Apogee, with vendor coordination we can fulfill every aspect of your technology roadmap.

Real Client Stories

Specialized Equipment? Not a Problem for Our Help Desk

A New England dental client uses specialized x-ray equipment and cameras. Before they became a client, they were concerned about Apogee being able to support these technologies.

When an issue arose, we referred to our documentation to contact the device support vendor in India. We spent 1.5 hours on the phone the first time we called them, resolved the problem, and documented the entire situation for future reference. Now, any time the camera doesn’t sync correctly, Apogee resolves the issue within 10 minutes. The client has been with Apogee for 6 years.

A Smooth Printer Install for Once

A Pittsburgh professional services client needed a new printer. Most print vendors will send over a 3-page form, asking tons of questions about their technology setup so they can configure the equipment.

First off, we completed the technical survey. Second, we reviewed the cost to make sure it was fair. Third, we evaluated the product itself to make sure it was the right printer for the client. And fourth, we managed the deployment with the vendor – pre-staging the driver, installing the server, configuring and authenticating the printer, and testing. We didn’t allow the vendor to leave until everything was completed and confirmed to be working correctly. This type of vendor management can mean the difference between being without a printer for 30 minutes or 3 days (and all the headaches in between).

We Coordinate With:

  • Internet service providers
  • Hardware vendors
  • Security vendors
  • Application vendors
  • Industry-specific software
  • Cloud application vendors
  • SAAS application vendors
  • On-premise vendors
  • Multi-function device vendors - scanners, printers, input devices
  • VOIP providers
  • Tool & technology vendors, currently using & vetting
  • Licenses/ renewals
  • Web hosting companies
  • And more

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