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Remote Issue Resolution & Proactive Maintenance Capabilities

Posted on May 26, 2016
IT Man on Phone Remote Issue Resolution

One of the most costly aspects of IT services is having a provider or ‘IT person’ physically travel to a client site. It also takes more time to resolve issues and complete projects.

For these reasons, it used to be crucial to have your provider located nearby. But thanks to remote IT services, this is no longer the case. Whether your IT provider is local or not, it’s important for them to be able to resolve your IT issues remotely (and have the ability to travel to your offices if necessary). This means that when you have a problem with your computer, you don’t have to wait all day for an IT person to come out to your company and take a look at your computer. Instead, every PC or laptop can be equipped with remote management tools so your IT technician can ‘remote in’ and access your company’s devices without leaving their office.

Security with Remote IT Services

A good managed services provider will resolve issues remotely in an efficient, secure, and private manner so your company can focus on what really matters. At Apogee IT Services, our remote management tools ensure that all information transferred (screen views, data, user identities, etc.) while being remoted in is encrypted with government approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is compressed and encoded for transfer.

Apogee IT Services’ Remote IT Capabilities

Some common remote monitoring services that Apogee IT Services technicians perform include:

  • Prescheduled maintenance network and server maintenance, network administration, anti-virus and security updates, firmware upgrades to devices, etc.
  • Help Desk/desktop support – issue resolution for end users; provider coordination for issue resolution such as internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Installations and configurations – performed on workstations, PCs, laptops, and tablets
  • Patch management – part of a multi-layer security profile and essential for an organization’s network security
  • Remote monitoring – around-the-clock (24/7) monitoring and alerting of all managed network devices as well as critical network components such as ISP services

At Apogee IT Services, our Help Desk technicians can perform well over 99% of tasks remotely as if they were sitting directly in front of your own computer. However, know that certain issues do still require onsite visits, and we schedule these in a prudent manner to keep costs at a minimum for our clients.

How Often is Your IT Provider On Site?

One of the ways to rate the quality of your Managed Service Provider (MSP) is by evaluating how often they ARE on site at your company. Going onsite is very inefficient for the provider, but more importantly it’s disruptive for a client. Essentially, it’s a cost that clients incur because the IT provider cannot do their job the right way. If you find that your IT provider is onsite more and more, it may be because something has gone wrong and capabilities aren’t right (or maybe the provider isn’t big enough to do it right).

Many companies get so used to their IT provider being onsite that they can become uncomfortable when someone isn’t onsite, even though remote issue resolution is a much better way of operating for both the IT provider and the client.

Benefits of Remote Issue Resolution Rather Than Onsite

A few client benefits for not having an IT person onsite include:

  • Issues get resolved quicker, because users call the Help Desk when the issue occurs instead of waiting for the next onsite visit.
  • A remote Help Desk allows multiple people at the MSP to work with the client, which forces them to document things well and use thorough processes and tools. The result is more consistent and reliable service for the client.
  • An onsite IT person may focus on the client while at the location, but once they leave the environment is operating without a net. Remote support allows for the provider to deliver proactive support at any time. This means a more stable IT environment for the client.

Remote issue resolution is the way of the future and should be one of the key factors when you’re deciding which MSP to use as your strategic technology partner. Apogee’s remote management tools can provide your company with up-to-date and secure managed service practices. To learn more about our IT services and how we can take your business to the next level, contact us today.


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