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Technology is Everywhere and Evolving

Posted on August 11, 2022

They say technology really is everywhere, but you don’t believe it until you experience it in a new way or function that makes your life easier. I am always so impressed to see new improvements and had one of my favorite experiences with new technology last week at a 5K race our team here at Apogee competed in.

As I was given my bib to pin on to my shirt, I noticed a metal like magnet sticker on the back of my bib. I almost started to peel it off not aware of what it was but noticed it had a purpose being there. It was a SmartTrac timing tracker they had placed to track my racing time. I grew up running cross country and competing in 5K’s but had never come across this technology. Usually, I would tie a device on to my shoe and my time would be tracked there. This was a paper-thin sticker that apparently was going to track my time, it did that, and so much more.

Not only did the SmartTrac technology track my times and send me a text message with my place and time completed one minute after I crossed the finish, it was also connected to a camera set up at the race, I had no idea. After I got home that night after the race, I checked my email. In my inbox I had a message from Elitefeats, stating that my times were uploaded as well as my photos and videos. The link took me to my times, and also photos and a video of the exact times I crossed the finish line. How amazing? My magnet sticker had connected to the camera and automatically uploaded my photos and videos. I was truly impressed.

I had run a 5K before and never knew how much further the technology involved could develop, it had been some time since my last race, but it appears that it is a whole new world. It truly never stops evolving just like us here at Apogee IT. Always evolving, learning, and mastering new technology to better serve our client’s needs.

I am thankful to be a part of such an awesome team at Apogee ITS that allows me to participate in these experiences and build relationships with my coworkers outside of the workplace. We will definitely be participating in the Corporate Fun Run next year!

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