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Tomorrow's Leaders are Today's Students

Posted on October 06, 2022
IT Services

At Apogee IT Services, we recognize that tomorrow's leaders are today's students and graduates. We recognize and understand the importance of internship opportunities throughout our company that continue to provide emerging young professionals with the exposure and experiences needed to begin considering professional career paths after graduation. 


Our one-semester internship program will help you get to know our business and culture as you expand your knowledge, improve key skills and grow professionally. As an intern, you will gain extensive exposure to our products and services and complement your education with real-world experiences in the IT industry. We offer internships in accounting, administrative, business development management, human resources, marketing, and service desk analyst. 


At Apogee we work closely with neighboring universities and institutions to provide professional experience in the workplace. One way we give back to our community is by completing mock interviews with a local technical college. The mock interviews are conducted by some of our Apogee employees and consist of real-world interview questions and situations that the student will be faced with in the future. This process allows the students to understand what career is right for them, helps to broaden their employer horizons and gives them an advantage to learn what career path they would like to take. 

" Being a citizen in a community means more than standing by it means helping others and one way that we do this is to spend time helping students become our future leaders by preparing them for the workforce, Apogee is committed to positively impacting the lives of others", says Paul Cronin CEO of Apogee IT Services.

We have had the great pleasure of employing dozens of interns from across the country for various divisions of the company. Apogee was fortunate enough to have documented these great experiences our interns have had while working with us. We took the time to interview two of our interns and asked them a few questions on what their experience here at Apogee IT Services was like. We give unselfishly, today’s actions are about living an intentional life.

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