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"Vision, Traction and Healthy."

Posted on April 01, 2021

"Vision, Traction and Healthy." Three words Michael Halperin, a Certified EOS ImplementerTM ,believes it will help increase the value of any business. "So, if you want to maximize the value of your business all you need to do is increase profitability and growth while reducing risk”, says Michael. “Sounds simple, right? What is not simple is accomplishing that”.  

To help business leaders get what they want from their businesses, Halperin helps them master the Entrepreneurial Operating System®  (EOS). Also known as “Traction” (after the name EOS creator Gino Wickman gave to his best-selling book that introduced EOS to the world), EOS is a complete system of simple tools that enable Leadership Teams and the businesses they lead to grow and thrive. Halperin says Leadership Teams who implement EOS achieve "Vision, Traction and Healthy" – three things essential to building a great business.

Halperin calls EOS “the cure for low valuation” because it de-risks the business at the same time it accelerates growth and profitability.  Those three factors have been called “the Holy Grail” of  Best-In-Class valuation. 

What tools are you using today to strengthen your business? Learn more about EOS and how it can help successfully strengthen your business by reading the blog "The Cure for Low Valuation", written by Michael Halperin. 

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