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What Security Threats Can We Expect in 2020?

Posted on December 27, 2019
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Soon we will be kicking off a new year AND a new decade. This means promising changes and significant advancements in technology. In the world of IT, there will be developments in data, artificial intelligence, and communications. Although these advancements are valuable and will allow companies to have a more secure security system, cyber criminals will be taking advantage of these changes in order to make it easier to carry out attacks. What security threats can we expect in 2020? 

More Attacks On Companies 
The year 2019 saw the maximum number of data breaches ever. Hackers accessed over 7.9 billion consumer records including large companies such as Marriott and Capital One. Therefore, 2020 may see even more. In order for companies to make sure they do not fall victim to cyber criminals, they need to ensure that employees become aware of the security components of the tools they work with and how to use them effectively. This includes showing them what is available, and how to identify and report any issues. 

5G Users
As 5G gains more momentum in 2020, it is expected that the “newness” in technology will account in some weaknesses therefore making it easier for hackers to attack 5G users. 
Insider Threats will Still be on the Rise
Hackers cannot access systems easily without having insider support in some way. When there are insiders siding with hackers, it becomes not only convenient for the hacker but easier for the criminal to get his or hers hands on the information they are searching for. 
Cloud Misconfigurations
A significant amount of data is on the cloud. Although the cloud may hold a lot of data, there can be cloud misconfigurations. This is caused when secure cloud storage services leaked sensitive data. Unfortunately, many companies are unaware of the sensitive information that is being exposed. Therefore, misconfigured cloud storage was one of the most common reasons for data breaches in 2019.

Hopefully these predictions allow you to think about the future of your cybersecurity and if your business has the resources to protect itself from a potential cyber criminal in 2020.  

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