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What's new in Microsoft Teams?

Posted on June 06, 2022

One of the ways businesses are staying connected is by Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace that brings workers together to collaborate and communicate. Microsoft Teams understands the importance of staying connected. Therefore, they have come out with new features this past month that are available for all Teams users.

Do you know what new features were released in Microsoft Teams in May?

Adjust brightness and soft-focus video filters

Enhance the video quality when lighting is poor by turning on the Adjust brightness filter. You also can use Soft focus to apply a subtle smoothing effect. Both filters are now available before joining meetings, as well as during meetings. Simply navigate to the device settings to enable these filters. Currently, Soft focus is not available for EDU tenants.

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							What’s New in Microsoft Teams | May 2022

View Together mode for everyone

Together mode creates a virtual shared space in which attendees feel like they are sitting in the same room. Now, meeting organizer and presenters can start Together mode for all of a meeting’s participants. Previously, this view could only be enabled for your own personal view. To enable this feature, simply check the Select Together Mode for Everyone option after you choose a scene. All meeting participants can then join this immersive experience together. This is currently only available for Teams Desktop users.

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							What’s New in Microsoft Teams | May 2022

Additional language support for Suggested Replies for mobile

Suggested replies are now supported in Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, French, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Korean, Czech, Danish, Turkish, and Polish. The auto replies are on by default but can be turned off.

Music Mode

High-fidelity music mode enables Microsoft Teams users to experience richer sound experiences when sharing non-speech content such as live music, songs through other applications, or medical signals during a virtual appointment with a physician. High-fidelity music mode enables significantly improved audio quality in Teams calls and meetings. The optimized experience in Teams applies to signals captured by microphones, as well as audio played while sharing an application or desktop.

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							What’s New in Microsoft Teams | May 2022


These exciting updates are just some of the many features and enhancements Microsoft has made for their Teams users. It is important to Microsoft to continuously create a collaborative, user friendly chat-based workplace. Apogee IT Services specializes in helping businesses use technology to reduce operational costs and enable staff to be more productive which inevitably leads to high revenue and profits. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business get on the right path.

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