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Why Financial Services Companies Choose Apogee for IT Management

Posted on July 23, 2019

When managing a financial services business, it may seem simpler to handle the IT yourself.

Outsourcing IT management for your small-medium-sized financial services company may seem overwhelming. However, there are six big reasons why outsourcing your IT management could be the best choice for your business.


Cost savings

A single tech support specialist has a $46,420 average yearly salary. However, you need someone with analysis and administration experience, which could warrant an $80,000 salary. While Apogee's monthly pricing varies based on the complexity of your network, number of users, etc., the annual cost of outsourcing your IT to Apogee is an average of 75% less than one IT Manager's salary.


Better security

All businesses have security concerns, but yours are a little more sensitive. We understand that your business is money, and that money is managed electronically. There cannot be a doubt in your mind that the data is secure. Apogee is not only aware of the needs specific to your business, but we have over 20 years of experience protecting clients from ever-evolving security risks. A tech specialist cannot provide the constant surveillance our company does.


Focus on your services


You do not have the time or money to worry about maintaining an IT department. You are an expert on financial services, not tech. When you introduce an IT service provider to your company, you reduce your company's need to adopt foreign skills. Apogee is here so you can keep your focus on your own industry.


Disaster prevention and recovery

Something will go wrong. In the IT industry, there is a near-guarantee that issues will arise. Apogee provides award-winning proactive monitoring that prevents disaster, plus a reliable backup and recovery system to get you back on track. Our servers are far more capable than any SMB tech staff can manage. Apogee works 24/7 to keep your financial services business running smoothly.



There is a small chance the prospective tech specialists that walk in your door will have all of the knowledge required to serve your business. Teaching them takes time and money. Apogee has a large staff with a wide range of collective knowledge, bringing efficiency to your IT management. With that knowledge, we refrain from cookie-cutter tactics to give you the best tech support for your business.



You could hire a few veteran specialists to manage your business' IT, but how will you find these experts? Apogee knows how to recruit talented, experienced team members that have one goal: keeping your business safe. No need to take risks in hiring.

Over 300 companies have chosen to outsource their IT management to Apogee IT Services. We would love to have you join them.


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