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As a top managed services provider based in Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto, Apogee IT Services works with 150+ small- and medium-sized businesses in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Ontario, and beyond.

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Do you fit into one of these categories?

  1. You know technology is important to your business, but don't have the capacity to manage IT the way you'd like to.

  2. You have a small team of IT professionals in-house and want support from us to enable them to meet their specific business goals.

  3. You're experiencing some sort of IT fear, pain, anger, or discomfort. Or maybe your company is growing (kudos!) and you know you'll need help soon.

  4. You're unhappy with your current provider.

Our Take on Business IT Services

We are not a solution to resolving immediate, acute IT pain — we are the solution to avoiding acute IT pain.

If you're looking for a long-term solution to your IT management needs that results in highly predictable and reliable IT, you’ll find that solution through Apogee’s business IT services.

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