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Managed Services for Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown Businesses

Eastern Ohio and its cities – Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown – have so much to offer small- and medium-sized businesses. Not only is it the home of the Rock and Roll hall of Fame and major sports teams like the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but each city boasts its own distinct economy.

The result is a 23-county landscape with over 10,000 SMBs. Most of these companies recognize that technology is a driver of their success (or the reason they’re falling behind).

If you’re a leader of a company located in Ohio and are seeking predictable and reliable IT that just works, Apogee IT Services is the managed services provider for you.

Apogee was founded in 1990 and quickly grew from a one-person operation to become a premier IT services provider. We’re headquartered in Pittsburgh, have major operations centers in Boston and Toronto, and serve numerous clients in the Cleveland and eastern Ohio area.

Ohio Client Experiences with Apogee

We serve clients across various industries – legal, manufacturing, non-profit, professional services, healthcare, and more. Here are just a few quotes from our Ohio customers:

  • “The Help Desk is very responsive. We have not experienced any virus issues. Server upgrades have kept up with our needs. The Field Team was outstanding in helping us with our relocation a few years ago. The Apogee staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and responds [in a] timely manner.” – Cleveland client since 2009
  • “Our client experience has been one of seamless integration. Apogee doesn’t accept no for an answer. They will keep looking until they find the solution to your problem. They consistently go above and beyond for our company. Even if that means working remotely with me on a Friday night at 11pm (true story).” – Cleveland suburb client for over 20 years

Keys to Successful IT Management

It used to be critical to have an IT services provider who was right down the street, because any time you had a problem you needed a technician to come to your office. Today the industry is completely different, and especially so with Apogee IT Services.

At Apogee, we serve clients across the United States and Canada without sacrificing quality or the client-partner relationship. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Standards—we operate with best-in-class standards and do an intense amount of work during the client onboarding process. The result is consistency and reliability regardless of where you’re located.
  2. Tools—our tools deserve an entire conversation on their own/ But for clients looking to optimize their IT investment, consider our Remote Monitoring Management Tools. Our Help Desk technicians can remote securely into your network and workstations to resolve issues—without ever stepping foot into the client’s office. It saves time, money, and a lot of employee productivity.
  3. Documentation—our documentation system is what ties everything together. Our techs are able to refer to extensive documentation on each client for prescheduled maintenance, Help Desk tickets, vendor coordination, and more. It’s how we’re able to resolve over 99% of our tickets remotely and perform numerous other tasks without traveling to your office.

There are still times when we need to travel to a client’s location, and that’s okay. Because we’re just a two-hour drive from Cleveland and Canton, one and a half hours from Akron, and an hour from Youngstown.

Searching for a Managed Services Provider for Your Ohio Business?

Finding an IT services partner you can trust isn’t easy. We encourage you to do some research and know the right questions to ask. Not all managed services providers are created equal, and you want to be sure you’re investing in a long-term relationship.

Contact us today to see how we can help take your business to the next level.


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