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Desktop Support Services: A Fast Fix to PC Issues

Remote Desktop Support

It’s no secret that computers cause problems for small and medium-sized businesses from time to time. Emails won’t send. You can’t connect to the Internet. Documents won’t save. They’re all incredibly frustrating and an unwanted interruption to the workday.

Chances are, there might be someone in the office who knows a little more about computers than the rest, and they’ve become the go-to PC support person. But, that person doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge and specialization to fix all the problems that arise. Not to mention, it detracts from his or her other responsibilities. Our clients rely on our remote desktop support to alleviate their pain when dealing with PC problems.

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We have a team of trusted desktop support specialists ready to help end users with PC issues whenever they occur. Whether you’re located in Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio, Boston, Toronto, or elsewhere, our remote PC support services put you in contact with technicians at one of our major operations centers. We have the ability to connect to any PC with Internet access, which means we’re able to see what the user sees and assist in resolving most end user issues and questions.

The fee for this service is built in to the monthly support fee, so you don’t have to worry about being charged extra whenever your computers start to act up. With Apogee IT Services by your side, you can rest assured that your network will always be under control.

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