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    IT that never goes away.

Network Management: We Lost Our Guy

Don't Let Your IT Leave You High and Dry

We’ve seen it again and again. One go-to guy who holds all the keys to your IT kingdom. Everything works (hopefully)…as long as he's around.

The problem is, he takes vacations. And sick time. And he wants to sleep at night. Someday, he might even quit.

Chances are your IT guy hasn’t documented your processes, your configurations, your passwords, and the myriad of idiosyncrasies and critical fixes he’s figured out over the months or years he’s been there. 

And then he's gone. Now what? At least once a month a company calls us because they lost their guy, and they're totally panicked. They don't know the first thing about IT, let alone managing a new IT manager.

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Take Back Your IT with Network Management

Our network management services empower you to get back to focusing on the crucial aspects of your business.

Our staff is broad and deep, so you aren’t reliant on one key guy to keep your business up and running. Our documentation platforms and the processes we use for creating and maintaining information about your environment are best-in-breed in our industry.

We’ve invested in the talent, processes, and tools necessary to deliver network management in Pittsburgh, Boston, Toronto, and beyond that is:

  • Predictable
  • Reliable
  • Stable
Our culture of discipline ensures that every customer gets the Apogee level of service. That means you have over 35 experienced technical staff at your disposal when you need us most. 

Aim higher. Expect more. IT service and support that never goes away. Now that's saying something. 

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