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IT Reporting & In-Person Reviews

On-site Network & Industry Review Meetings

The key to proactively managing any business is regular evaluation. As an extension of your business, we at Apogee IT Services offer IT reporting and in-person reviews as part of our client services.

Using our knowledge of industry best practices and information gathered from our IT reporting system, these meetings are designed to help you with strategic technology planning. It gives us a chance to catch up with you, find out what’s working, what’s not, and where you’d like to go in the future.

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Apogee IT Activity Report

This report lists all technical activity provided during the reporting period. It is accompanied by your Service History Journal from our Knowledge Management System and is delivered via email. This information is reviewed in the review meetings.

IT Management: Static & Real-Time System Statistics

Static system statistics are captured during our on-site visits, while our system monitoring tools capture, compile and summarize all real-time statistics. We email all of this information to our clients for each reporting period and review it with company managers during on-site meetings to help use these systems more effectively.


IT Cost Analysis

All costs for hardware, software, installation, proactive, and reactive IT support services are categorized and compiled for the review meeting. This assists in goal setting and budgeting.


Apogee Knowledge Management System

Apogee IT Services documents all system hardware, software, configurations, procedures, and histories. We use this information to quickly and efficiently determine the nature of a problem and course of action. This information helps reduce problem resolution time. We store this information on our secure remote access server and it is available to all of our Help Desk and field technicians.


Key Date Management

We developed a program to track all network data-sensitive information. We then alert clients about upcoming expiration dates for:

  • Warranties
  • Subscriptions
  • Support agreements
  • And more
This alert gives our clients the time to proactively review this information and make knowledgeable business decisions regarding renewals, modifications, or cancellations.
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