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Managed Service Provider: Remote Services

If you’re searching for a managed service provider, you know how many options are out there. Many companies use referrals or Google searches to get started, but location is a key factor as well.

At Apogee IT Services, we’re a managed service provider for 150+ clients in and around Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto. However, we also have clients that are spread out from these areas across the United States and Canada. So if you’re an hour-drive from one of our office locations – or 2,000 miles away – know that we could be the managed service provider for you.

Thanks to the current state of technology and the IT industry as a whole, we’re able to do more work remotely than ever.

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Help Desk & Day-to-Day Support Needs

Every managed PC or laptop receives Apogee IT Services’ remote management tools, which enable our technicians to access client devices securely. We can remote control, troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve 99% of issues remotely while on the phone with the user or communicating via email to update them on the status of their ticket.

Rest assured, our remote capabilities protect the user’s security and privacy. All transferred information – including screen views, data, and user identities – is encrypted with government-approved 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) before being compressed and encoded for transfer.


Remote Monitoring Services & Prescheduled Maintenance

Many of our other services included in the managed service contract are done remotely as well, including:

  • Network and infrastructure monitoring
  • Desktop monitoring
  • IT backup report monitoring
  • Automated anti-virus and performance maintenance
  • Patch management
  • System monitoring and alerts
  • Comprehensive, integrated management reporting

Some prescheduled maintenance is done remotely, while other tasks require onsite visits. In those cases for non-local clients, we make every effort to make these trips as convenient and cost-effective as possible.


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Are you a New York law firm? A Toronto wealth management firm? A small Boston business? A Pittsburgh robotics company just up the street from our Sewickley office? Near or far, if you’re considering a managed service provider, we want to talk with you.

From remote services to multi-layer security and proactive IT management, learn about the comprehensive IT services you get with Apogee, a top managed service provider that’s been serving clients in all types of industries since 1990.


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