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We Build IT: Consulting & Planning

IT Consulting and Planning for the Future

Think it through. That’s what we do with every problem we tackle for our clients. Making IT work now is important, but making it work for the future is crucial. By laying a foundation and planning for the future, we set up our clients for success.

The answer to IT problems isn’t always more technology. It’s setting up the right infrastructure and making sure every system component works the way it should. The way we design, integrate, and configure your network systems is our secret sauce.

Think you can’t afford a managed service provider? You might be surprised how easy it is. Our structured monthly plans are designed to be cost-effective. You'll also have clear expectations of future hardware and software costs, which will enable you to plan your budgets more accurately.

We constantly strive to be the best in the field, and most of our clients would agree we take that title. You’ll only find us using technology solutions that have been standardized in the IT industry, and the way we deliver them is unparalleled. If you build IT correctly the first time, you'll prevent issues.

Clients in the US & Canada

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If you’re looking to build the proper infrastructure, Apogee IT Services is your IT consulting home, from budgeting to design and planning. Every company has different IT needs. Our IT experts work with you every step of the way to create the right solution.

While we have a distinct set of standards that defines how we do IT, we periodically evaluate these tools and either switch to or add new ones that will benefit your company - on our dime, not yours. And we have monitoring and reporting tools in place to make sure everything is working exactly the way we designed it. 

Forming Your IT Strategy

A trusted source in information technology for nearly 25 years, see how we build the right technology plan for small and medium-sized businesses in Pittsburgh, Boston, Toronto, and beyond. 

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