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Hosted Cloud Services

access your data and desktop from anywhere
in the world

Peace of mind. It's essential for any business when it comes to know your data is secure. The risk of theft, fire, flood - you name it - can hit you when you least expect it. One of the best ways to safeguard your business from these risks is to take your data to the cloud! At Apogee, this is done via our hosted cloud services.

Hosted Computing

Hosting your computing system is becoming more common and feasible as technology has evolved. Apogee IT Services is proud to offer sophisticated cloud services for hosting your server computing needs and, most importantly, user desktops.

Hosted desktops can be used with ease at less cost and with the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world over a secure Internet Connection, using devices enabled with the latest secure connector. With the hosted desktop solution, your desktop is delivered from our highly reliable data center with the strongest data security, where it is simple to access and use. The advantages of hosted desktop computing include the safety of your data and access to the computing systems, even if your office is subject to disaster.

Data Security

Network security is critical in the business world, and by using the hosted server, team members in an organization can share documents or files regardless of the geographic location while the shared document remains safe and secure. Firewall protection and daily back-ups keep the hosted desktop and server systems operating under IT security best practices. The universal accessibility of hosted servers and hosted desktops increases employee productivity with the flexibility of working from home or anywhere on the go.

With Hosted Cloud Services:

  • Your local and network printers are available to you
  • You can plug in USB devices and they work with your desktop
  • You can access your desktop from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world
  • You can use your iPad as an effective computing device with your hosted desktop

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Hosted Backup & Disaster Recovery

One of the most popular “cloud” based services is data backup and disaster recovery. Our backup service offerings provide a selection of options to fit your application and business needs.

  • Secure backup of your local data to our secure hosting center.
  • Backup of your application-specific data like SQL / Microsoft Exchange and other specific data storage environments
  • Unique reverse backup capabilities for our hosted server customers with the nightly backup of all data back to your local office for safekeeping.

While our data center is located at our Toronto IT managed services hub,  our clients can utilize it to better protect and store their critical information. Being able to back up your data from anywhere in the world helps protect your data from hard drive crashes and other risks. Some of the significant factors to note while choosing an online backup service are:

  1. Does the system work automatically with no human intervention?
  2. Are you able to get version backups so you can get back to old versions of your data files if you need them?

At Apogee IT Services, our clients operate stress-free knowing that their critical data is safe and sound. Should anything go wrong, we're able to spin back whichever element is proving difficult and allow them to return to work as normal. If you'd like to experience this kind of peace of mind, or simply have a question regarding our hosted cloud services, please contact us today!

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