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Apogee Client Stories



When Disaster Strikes

Pittsburgh law firm

There was a flood in Pittsburgh. All electrical power cut out, including the servers & elevators in the building. Our technologists went in on the weekend. Up 23 flights of stairs. Loaded the servers. Down 23 flights of stairs. And hooked them up to a temporary space.

They were back up and running that same day.

They have been Apogee clients for 20+ years.



No More Headaches With Vendors

New England dentist practice

A dental client uses specialized x-ray equipment and cameras, and was concerned about expertise supporting these technologies.

When an issue arose, Apogee referred to the documentation to contact the device support vendor in India, spent 1.5 hours on the phone with them, and documented the entire situation on behalf of the client. So now any time the camera doesn’t sync correctly, Apogee fixes the issue within 10 minutes. The client has been with Apogee for 6 years.



When Switching to Managed Services Makes All the Difference

Pittsburgh manufacturing company

Prior to switching to Apogee, this manufacturing company used a single individual who provided IT services while onsite three or more days a week. While using that person, they lost a significant amount of data; downtime occurred regularly; and their costs increased significantly year over year.

After moving to the managed services model and going with Apogee, they have never lost data and have enhanced backup features. Downtime is rare and is measured in minutes, not hours. And annual costs are well below what our client used to pay.

They've shared that Apogee IT Services has “an incredible team of talented professionals servicing their clients as though we are family.”



Going Above & Beyond to Save the Day

New England research and consulting firm

A partner was heading out of town for a business trip. His laptop was experiencing some power and functionality issues. We checked our stock inventory, procured a temporary replacement laptop, configured and reimaged that machine, and shipped it to the hotel where he was staying. When he arrived at his hotel a few hours later, the laptop was in his room waiting for him.



When Your Charter is on the Line

Boston Credit Union

For over a decade, a Boston credit union used the same internal IT person. During that time, they were getting killed on their audits, which occur 5 times every year. Each time they received 3s across the board, which meant they weren’t compliant, didn’t have controls, couldn’t show policies or procedures, and weren’t current on technology requirements. Finally, the issue reached fever pitch and the credit union received a letter from the federal government saying that they were on probation. (The final step would have been to lose FDIC backing and their charter.)

Leadership reached out to Apogee, who immediately stepped into action. Our Chief Technologist reviewed one of their failed audits and used his experience to begin putting policies, procedures, and controls into place. We brought them over and managed their IT with our tools, our standards, and our security methods.

Five years ago, they were getting 3s on their audits. Within 18 months they were getting 1s. Today they are still getting 1s and consistently give us top marks on our customer satisfaction surveys.

Clients in the US & Canada

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