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The Keys to Reliable IT Service

Our way of working evolved over time. There were a few brilliant insights but there was also a lot of trial and error and – mostly – a lot of diligent, disciplined effort. We do things the way we do for one reason and one reason only:

It works.

Complete IT service isn’t just about technology. It means we show up on time. We do what we say we’re going to do. We finish what they start. We say please and thank you. Our Core Values are centered around doing business the right way. 

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The Right Approach to IT Service


Standards – We have carefully designed a broad set of standards, including a security suite, management tools, monitoring tools and backup methodsEvery client gets them. They are included in the cost of every managed services solution we deliver.


Redundancy – Only one thing is certain in IT: something will go wrong at some point. So, we design everything in our IT management architecture to combat that and eliminate single points of failure. For instance, our clients receive several methods of data backup, and our security tools offer anywhere from 5 to a dozen layers of protection. 



Documentation – IT success all points back to documentation, and it's a hallmark at Apogee. During the onboarding process, every component of your IT infrastructure is logged, defined, and photographed -- then updated with configurations, network information, user information, site photos and other information we need to support your system.




Consistency – Our internal processes are well-designed and well-documented. Our engineers are trained in how we work, and have been taught not only to be accountable for following our methodology, but also their responsibility for holding others in the organization accountable as well.

We ask our customers to follow our processes, use our tools, and align to our best practices. Good IT isn’t easy, and it isn’t necessarily convenient. But it's the best way to deliver predictable, reliable IT. And that's what we're all about.


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