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Network Maintenance & Optimizing Systems

Pre-Scheduled Network Maintenance

Maintaining reliable, predictable IT means constantly and proactively doing things to maintain the integrity of the environment. At Apogee IT services, we achieve that with proactive scheduled maintenance (PSM).

PSMs optimize the health and performance of your infrastructure so that it's secure, functional, and efficient for the long haul. They include anything from new best practices to various non-critical measures.

Our techs are taught to look for these opportunities and document them for future reference so they can be executed during the next PSM window.

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On-Site & Remote Network Support

Some PSM work is performed remotely, while other activity is performed onsite. Either way, we perform a network review and maintenance. We also address IT support issues that aren’t time-sensitive.

Regardless of whether a PSM is performed remotely or onsite, there is no charge for the work performed; it's included in your monthly fee.

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