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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery


Our Data Backup Approach

Protecting business data is more important than ever before, which is why we offer data backup as
part of the Apogee managed services solution with state-of-the-art tools and processes.

As an Apogee client you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we follow a 3-2-1 backup philosophy:

  • 3 forms of image-based backup
  • 2 locations, both onsite and offsite
  • 1 method to cloud
Backups are performed every hour of every day. We offer 24/7/365 backup monitoring and alerting as
part of the Apogee solution. Our technologists also are proactive and check on any ‘no shows’ – when
backups can’t be confirmed – and remediate when necessary. Backup reporting is available at any time
and can be produced to meet compliance regulations.

The result? Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their data is safe.

Data Recovery: Bringing You Back from Disaster

We also provide Disaster Recovery services – including restoration of data to an infrastructure we spin up in our cloud environment – to get your business up and running in the case of a severe outage.

We can provide loaner gear (endpoints, servers, storage, firewalls, etc.) to help you get your business back on its feet ASAP.


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