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A Leading IT Support Company: Our Team


Apogee IT Services is a close-knit group of inventive, hard-working, and bright individuals. We have personality, but we’re also as professional as it gets. With nearly 30 years in the industry as an IT support company, we understand how critical our services are to our client’s business, so we’ve also been known to pull all-nighters to get a customer’s infrastructure back in shape in time for the morning shift. We love what we do, and it shows.

We value our culture, our people, our integrity, and the impact we have on our clients and their businesses.  We exist to use our technological expertise to grow your business right now and for many years to come. Our passion is to provide each of our customers with a personalized ultimate client experience.

Allow us to introduce you to the people who have the privilege of leading our talented, tenacious, and dedicated team of IT specialists!


Paul Cronin – Chief Executive Officer

Paul Cronin channels his 37+ years as an IT solution provider toward helping businesses navigate their growth curve. Throughout his tenure, Paul has positioned his companies to become and remain on the leading edge of the IT Services Industry as a result of the quality of service and high-impact delivery. His knowledge and his commitment to not only delivering IT solutions but to next-generation services, partnerships, and people, have propelled him into a role as a thought leader at the forefront of the converging industries. Today Paul is focused on building Apogee's Precision Service Architecture, which allows clients to build a flexible managed support program that fuses technology with business goals like no other. 

Paul’s passion is centered on leadership, culture, engagement, and relationships. Paul's proven ability to build cultures that embrace change and deliver the ultimate client experience, internally and externally, has been the pinnacle of his success. Paul is a certified Leadership Challenge Workshop facilitator and his belief that leaders are created, not born, energizes him to help people evoke the leadership skills in themselves to grow personally and professionally. Through workshops and speaking engagements, Paul shares his passion nationwide with clients, employees, vendors, and industry associations.

Paul shares his decades of experience with his “pay it forward" focus, serving on the Industry Boards of Creating IT Futures, NSCA Foundation, Channel Partners Advisory Board, AITP Executive Council, CompTIA’s Emerging Technology Community, PSA Security Education Advisory Committee and RISE.  He has served as an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University and was instrumental in starting Atrion’s-industry-leading Apprenticeship Program. He is a pro bono auctioneer and has raised 100’s thousands of dollars to enable the missions of nonprofit organizations, including his own clients.


Doug Johnston  Chief Financial Officer

Doug Johnston is a talented executive with over 10 years of finance experience spanning public accounting, Fortune 400 companies, and start-ups. Previously, Doug worked in Commercial Finance at Mylan.  He brings a wealth of expertise in the areas of metrics, reporting, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, investor relations, forecasting, planning, and analysis. His experience combines strategic vision with the discipline of controllership. 






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