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On the Road Again with Paul Cronin

Posted on September 11, 2021

As I boarded my flight today I sat in my seat and reflected. I could never say anything more impactful, heartfelt or factual then what has been covered, shared and felt to date.

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Challenges faced by Remote Workers

Posted on August 20, 2021

Companies and their employees have met many challenges with the transition to remote working. Examples of these challenges include their computers at home being slow,  many distractions while being home and not having all of the resources at home that you would normally have in the office. 

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Delivering the Ultimate Client Experience

Posted on August 18, 2021

Apogee is focused on delivering the ultimate client experience. Our clients share the great experiences they have with Apogee through a tool called Smileback. We provide this survey immediately following their interactions with us. Using this platform has increased our customer feedback through a simplified, one-click solution. Enjoy this minute long video as we share our customer's experiences with you. 

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LockBit Ransomware Attack on Accenture

Posted on August 11, 2021

As of Tuesday Evening, August 10th, LockBit Ransomware announced that they have hacked Accenture, a multinational consulting firm with more then half a million employees. According to Accenture, there has been no effect on any of their customers information or any of their personal operations. According to ZDNet.com the company shared, "Through our security controls and protocols, we identified irregular activity in one of our environments. We immediately contained the matter and isolated the affected servers. We fully restored our affected systems from back up," the company said." 

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The Delta Variant and How it Will Affect the Workplace

Posted on August 04, 2021

As we have seen a steady decline in Covid-19 cases, everyone is hoping the Delta Variant doesn’t send us back into a shutdown. Last week Twitters headquarters shut down just two weeks after opening back up and does not see themselves reopening any time soon. With this strain being the most contagious and dominant, companies may have to consider sending their employees back into remote working. With this comes the risk of possible cyberattacks which have been increasing this year. Luckily, most companies saw these challenges last spring and are prepared if this were to happen again. Here are some things to keep in mind while working remotely:

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An Internship at Apogee IT Services

Posted on July 27, 2021

Four major changes and one internship later, I have finally found something that works for me. Throughout college, my professors couldn’t stress enough about the importance of finding an internship my junior year of college. I knew this was something I would be interested in which led me to my first internship as a tax intern which I realized was not the perfect fit for me. After some researching I came across Apogee and after browsing through their website, I knew that this could potentially be a company that I would enjoy working for. In just two short weeks, Apogee and its employees have made me feel like this is the perfect fit.

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Apogee Summer Cookout

Posted on July 22, 2021

Apogee IT Services is very excited to be back to cookouts and growing our employee connections! At Apogee we find it very important to set aside time out of our busy days to focus on our connections as a team. We hope to continue to hold these luncheons, and grow as a organization. 

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The Rise in Cybersecurity Attacks

Posted on July 20, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, the switch from in person work to remote work opened up a whole new window for ransom attacks. With everything being strictly on the computer, it became very easy for an attacker to get their hands on personal information, not just from individuals but from companies as well. With company's main focus on getting their employees set up remotely, their cybersecurity protocol slowly went on the back burner.

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Keep Your Data Secure With 7 Layers of Security

Posted on July 15, 2021

As a result of the most recent ransomware attack on Kaseya,  an" American software company that develops software for managing networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure", companies all across North America are on high alert, making certain their company has an established security plan in place if they ever fall victim to a similar attack. Although you and your company have integrated the right software to protect your information, is there more you can do to protect your data? How secure is your company?

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Putting the "Execute" into "Executive" by Michael Halperin

Posted on July 13, 2021

Michael Halperin has spent over thirty years in the business world in an unusually diverse array of organizations and functions. His leadership expertise includes sales, marketing, technical operations, product development, customer support, technical operations and professional services. Michael was featured as one of Pittsburgh’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and was named to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.

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